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Using our online enquiry cart, FAB Plastics allows you to enquire about multiple products online at once. When you submit your enquiry, the FAB team will get back in touch with you with a quoted price for requested product quantities.

How do I add a product to my enquiry cart?

Firstly, visit the page of the product you wish to enquire about. If you cannot find it, try using the site search feature.

Once on the appropriate product page, click the red "Click here to add to your Enquiry" button.

When you click this button, your product is automatically stored in your enquiry cart. Next you will see a popup window with a confirmation message and two options.

  1. I want to keep browsing - Click this button if you want to stay on the current page or add more products to your cart before submitting your order.
  2. I want to complete my enquiry - Click this button if you want to go straight to the order completion page right away.

How do I remove a product from my enquiry?

If you want to remove a product from your enquiry, you will find the "Enquiry Cart" on the right hand side of most pages on the website. Underneath each product within the enquiry cart sits a link labelled "Remove product". Clicking this link will remove a product from your enquiry.

Where do I go to complete my enquiry?

To complete your enquiry, simple visit the contact us page and fill out the enquiry form. Upon completion, your cart will be emptied and an email will be sent to the FAB team for review.

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